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Universal streamer card for different functions on different platforms

The current single module on the xStreaMo platform is called XS-1012. In its design, the primary consideration was the efficient way of processing IP-based video content in accordance with the technology of our time, a sits increasingly replacing the alternative solutions in program transmission, such as satellite broadcasting. We aimed to create a platform that takes advantage of the flexibility of software solutions, but at the same time is able to perform these tasks efficiently with the help of hardware support. In addition, we dreamed a solution, which is not limited to a single task. Our card has 2 pieces of 1 Gbps RJ-45 Ethernet interfaces, one of which has hardware MPEG TS streaming support, and an SFP/SFP+ slot on the front panel to ensure a possible high-speed optical connection. The system is made with FPGA-based technology, so in addition to the existing functions, other hardware and computationally intensive algorithms can be easily implemented.  These provide the opportunity to create intelligent unicast streaming solutions, or even to build point-to-point broadcasting connections that can be used securely, reliably over the public Internet.

Our first implementation is designed for exactly this purpose: with the help of SRT (Secure Reliable Streaming) it enables the transmission of program content as a service provider via traditional Internet connections, on which 100% guaranteed packet transmission is not provided. This is achieved by supplementing the UDP protocol, which guarantees the retransmission of packets within a certain time interval, even in the case of lossy transmission. The SRT protocol also includes an option that allows the content to be ecrypted with AES encryption, making it suitable for secure transmission of program content.

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