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Modular 4RU 19” subrack frame. Uncompromising capacity

During the development, we did not forget to satisfy the expected capacity and functionality of data centers and headend systems.

The industry-standard 4RU 19” subrack design allows capacity and operational safety to be raised to the highest level.  The „Modular” version includes  separate elements the frame , the „hot-swap” plug-in supplies (two power supplies are required in the redundant design), the plug-in electronic function and the control card(s). 

The 4RU version with high modularity simultaneously makes the use and full capacity from 1 up to 16 electronic function cards available.

The electronics are cooled by intelligently controlled, high-performance but low-noise fans located on the back of the frame. Since fans are moving mechanical parts, quick and easy replacement  is vital in case of their mechanical failure, we considered the importance of that when we designed the frame. Therefore the fan modules are designed to be easily replaced during operation by loosening / fixing four screws and loosening / fixing a single connector. Also on the back there are hot-swap industrial server power supply modules that can be replaced during operation. 

The front-panel connectivity of the in-frame modular XS-1012 (available in the first edition) card includes the USB-C console, two RJ-45 GBE electronic and SFP optical socket connectors. On the front of the card, there is a color LED, which is indicating the operating status. Also available on the front panel of the frame from the second phase of development, we will be able to check / configure management and stream IP addresses, operating status, temperature and additional operating data on a small TFT LCD display. The operating functions of the streamer can be set by default via the console port connected via cards or by the embedded web server under development in the graphical user interface. The streaming data capacity is provided by the framework, which can satisfy even the highest demands, the felxible development possibilities of the applicable electronic cards ensure the future-proof applicability of the system.

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