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Modular compact platform

In the „Mini” type design, we chose a cost-effective, yet universal and modular application form, which allows portability and installation in an industrial cabinet. This design includes the frame as a separate element, the „hot-swap” plug-in electronic card(s) and the external power supply, which can be connected in redundant or cost-effective manner.

The mechanical design allows the use of optional fittings for the four card 1RU mounting and application form. At the same time, the dimensions of the base unit allow easy portability and „desktop” applicability.

The electronics are cooled by fans placed in the frame. Since fans are moving mechanical parts, quick and easy replacement is vital, we considered the importance of that when we designed the frame. Therefore the fan modules are designed to be replaced, even during operation, simply by loosening / fixing two screws and pulling them out / plugging them in. The power supply has been designed with the same care. The power supply of the device is provided by a „medical” certified AC / DC power supply with external switching operation via MOLEX safety interlocking power supply connectors. To maximize the power supply connection and power supply security, it is possible to redundantly connect two power supplies. In addition, it is possible to cost-effectively supply power to two frames using a jumper cable with MOLEX locked connectors using a single (higher power) power supply.

Thus, we can say that the compact size provides outstanding operational safety with a particulary flexible range of applications. The front-panel connectivity of the in-frame modular XS-1012 (available in the first edition) card includes the USB-C console, two RJ-45 GBE electronic and SFP optical socket connectors. On the front of the card, there is a color-indicating operating status LED. In addition, there are four color LED indicators on the front of the frame, which indicate the operating status of the cards and the status of the power supply and fan(s). The operating functions of the streamer can be configured via the console or by the embedded web server under development in a graphical user interface.

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