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Small in size, huge in knowledge and operational safety

In the „Micro” design, we aimed for the simplest form of application, portable and robust contruction. In this design, the frame includes the XS-1012 and a functional electronics card created during subsequent development. The frame can be positioned in landscape or vertical mode using the device stand.

The electronics are cooled by miniature fans mounted in the frame. Since fans are moving mechanical parts, quick and easy replacement is vital in case of their mechanical failure, we considered the importance of that when we designed the frame Therefore the back cover is designed in such a way that even during operation (it requires two power supplies), the back cover equipped with fans can be replaced simply by loosening / fixing two screws, pulling out / inserting them in. The power supply has been designed with the same care. The power supply of the device is provided by a „medical” certified, externally switched AC / DC power supply via MOLEX safety interlocking power supply connectors. To maximize the power supply connection and power supply security, it is possible to redundantly connect two power supplies. Therefore we can say that small size is not a problem in keeping operational safety to a maximum. 

The front panel connectivity of the „Micro” assembled XS-1012 card includes the USB-C console, two RJ-45 GBE electronic and SFP optical socket connectors, in line with its larger mechanical siblings. There is a single colour LED on the front panel, which indicates the operating status.The operating functions of the streamer can be set up through the console or in the graphical user interface of the embedded web server under development.

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